Intel HD vs UHD Graphics

With the 8th Generation Intel Core Processors, Intel first unveiled the Intel UHD Graphics.

Earlier from the 1st Generation till the 7th Generation, they used the word Intel HD for their Integrated GPU.

So, what changed in the 8th Generation? Did they add 4K support?

Well, the Intel Graphics had 4K support even before the UHD came. Yes, they did improve the performance of 4K UHD Playback on the new Processors, but the actual performance difference in not huge.

So, it doesn’t mean that if you could play GTA V on HD Resolution earlier then you can play it on 4K with the new GPUs. Well, we all know that this isn’t possible.

So, Intel UHD is simply a naming scheme for the new Intel Processors, nothing more and nothing less. Yes, with every new series, they’re making a good progress and maybe they will become capable enough to run almost every single game after a few years.

But for now, this is not that case. However, one thing you can do is to follow the guides at Survive Intel Graphics to improve the FPS by a few numbers.

Hopefully in the coming years, gaming will get cheaper when more and more budget GPUs from AMD & Nvidia will arrive. The last year was a curse for PC Gamers, thanks to the cryptocurrency mining.

Summing up, Intel HD and Intel UHD are simply two different names given by Intel to their GPUs and they’re only a generation apart. There’s not big of a different between the 7th Generation HD Processors and 8th Generation UHD Processors.